[Context] latest LuaTeX

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 10:45:10 CET 2009


The experimental branch of minimals is not quite functional: since
rsync doesn't work the way I would want it to work, the initial idea
to provide patches in experimental branch only is not really usable.

I would like to collect some ideas how to match context version
(current, beta, (alpha - not too important), experimental) with the
proper luatex version.

First question (for Taco): pdftex and xetex are probably OK. We need
luatex, do we need some flavour of experimental metapost versions as

Second question: I have set up rsync to provide
    current/luatex (latest beta)
    current/pdftex (svn)
    current/xetex (svn)
    current/metapost (latest beta)
    latest/luatex (svn)
    latest/pdftex (svn)
    latest/xetex (svn)
    latest/metapost (svn)
We can probably drop latest/pdftex and latest/xetex, Taco should tell
about metapost.

The automatic procedure builds the first four. We probably need to
compile latest/luatex by default as well.

But then the next question ... how to match context version with the
right luatex version?

My idea is that whenever one requests
then luatex binary could be taken from
experimental/bin/luatex/platform/ instead of
current/bin/luatex/platform/, but what about ConTeXt beta and what to
do when Taco releases a new luatex beta and Hans doesn't release new
ConTeXt "current"?

Hans - I need some of your ideas here. At the moment both ConTeXt
current and beta on the garden are freezed (do not match the version
on PRAGMA) in order not to fail completely since we have no latest
luatex binaries in the repository. Suggestions? Your release plans for
the near future?


PS: I will be away for the next two weeks. There might be some
internet connection, but I'm not sure about it.

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