[Context] latest LuaTeX

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Feb 19 10:05:57 CET 2009

Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> Hello,
> The experimental branch of minimals is not quite functional: since
> rsync doesn't work the way I would want it to work, the initial idea
> to provide patches in experimental branch only is not really usable.
> I would like to collect some ideas how to match context version
> (current, beta, (alpha - not too important), experimental) with the
> proper luatex version.
> First question (for Taco): pdftex and xetex are probably OK. We need
> luatex, do we need some flavour of experimental metapost versions as
> well?

probably not, metapost does not change that much wrt functionality

> Second question: I have set up rsync to provide
>     current/luatex (latest beta)
>     current/pdftex (svn)
>     current/xetex (svn)
>     current/metapost (latest beta)
>     latest/luatex (svn)
>     latest/pdftex (svn)
>     latest/xetex (svn)
>     latest/metapost (svn)
> We can probably drop latest/pdftex and latest/xetex, Taco should tell
> about metapost.

fyi: mkiv does not use the metapost binary, and mkii mp code does not 
change that much

> The automatic procedure builds the first four. We probably need to
> compile latest/luatex by default as well.
> But then the next question ... how to match context version with the
> right luatex version?

for both always use the latest -)

> My idea is that whenever one requests
>     --context=experimental
> then luatex binary could be taken from
> experimental/bin/luatex/platform/ instead of
> current/bin/luatex/platform/, but what about ConTeXt beta and what to
> do when Taco releases a new luatex beta and Hans doesn't release new
> ConTeXt "current"?

in many cases context will just work, unless we have drastic new things, 
like math

> Hans - I need some of your ideas here. At the moment both ConTeXt
> current and beta on the garden are freezed (do not match the version
> on PRAGMA) in order not to fail completely since we have no latest
> luatex binaries in the repository. Suggestions? Your release plans for
> the near future?

i'd say: experimental == beta (from ftp) and latest luatex; these always 
match and i don't expect taco to release luatex's that make context fail 

> PS: I will be away for the next two weeks. There might be some
> internet connection, but I'm not sure about it.

you being offline for two weeks? i'm sure you'll manage to find a (hot)spot

have a nice time


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