[Context] TL repositories on contextgarden

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Mon May 4 19:15:23 CEST 2009

Hello Norbert,

I finally arrived home (despite oversleeping the station in Wien it
all turned out ok :)

I'm reading your conversation from TL list (online, not subscribed as
it was distracting me too much to read all the TeX-related lists).

I noticed the problem of updates (apparently the version). I tried to
set the version to 100000, but I made a typo, so it didn't help.
Apparently the version in TL got update for whatever reason and I
didn't put the repository into cron (probably I should, I was just
waiting for the patch).

I'm thinking about the following:
- if ConTeXt version gets updated, call the script that only updates ConTeXt
- if repository with binaries updates, run the script and update all
the luatex-s

I know that I should try this before asking, but just curious: if I
run the script and version gets updated by one - will the clients
compare md5sum or will the clients update just because the version has
been updated by one? In any case it probably makes sense if there have
been any updates before unconditionally increasing the version by one.
I will most probably decide to make sure that the version gets updated
to at least 1000 above TL since users that updated from garden once
probably don't intend their updates to be reverted next time when they
update the rest of the packages without specifying garden repository

Assuming that I can parse the version of context and luatex before
creating TL package - what's the most appropriate field/position to
put the version information there?

Thanks a lot,

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