[Context] TL repositories on contextgarden

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Tue May 5 13:02:35 CEST 2009

On Tue, May 5, 2009 at 01:46, Norbert Preining wrote:
> On Mo, 04 Mai 2009, Mojca Miklavec wrote:
>> I finally arrived home (despite oversleeping the station in Wien it
>> all turned out ok :)
> Good to hear, anyway, you can always drop me a line and stay at my place
> if there is need.

It was still better to wake up on Wien Westbahnhof instead of Wien
Meidling and missing the first train to Villach than to catch the
train to Villach and wake up in Venezia :) :) :)

>> I'm thinking about the following:
>> - if ConTeXt version gets updated, call the script that only updates ConTeXt
>> - if repository with binaries updates, run the script and update all
>> the luatex-s
> You could have two different web repositories, one for luatex and one
> for context. That would make it easier.
> Well, if you would have the context-minimals in a subversion repository
> it would be easier ;-)

I have now created:
(You can take a look at

It might indeed be better to create two repositories, maybe even
where it should probably not be such a big deal to host a few latest
released betas of luatex + maybe trunk with no guarantee that it's
indeed the latest trunk version since that depends on builders
where version could be beta and current, and maybe experimental. (No
way to host every single experimental version.)

>> I know that I should try this before asking, but just curious: if I
>> run the script and version gets updated by one - will the clients
>> compare md5sum or will the clients update just because the version has
>> been updated by one? In any case it probably makes sense if there have
> Only the revision number in the tlpdb counts, nothing else.


>> I will most probably decide to make sure that the version gets updated
>> to at least 1000 above TL since users that updated from garden once
> Not a good idea ... well, maybe yes. If you make sure that you are
> always newer than TL then adding 1000000 should make sure that we
> never overtake you ;-)

If one decides not to use the version on contextgarden any more that
should be easy to change anyway.

>> Assuming that I can parse the version of context and luatex before
>> creating TL package - what's the most appropriate field/position to
>> put the version information there?
> catalogue-version is the appropiate field, and only that one, usage:
>        %cat = $tlpobj->cataloguedata;
>        $cat{"version"} = "what-ever-version";
>        $tlpobj->cataloguedata(%cat);
> (at least I hope so)

Thanks for the hint.

> Attached is my latest version. Unpack wherever you want on the
> contextgarden, then read the contained README, it should explain
> everything.

Thanks ... reading ...

> But mind, still the logic for adjusting the revision number is the same.

Yes, I know. There's no way for texlive to parse and compare arbitrary
version schemes, I was just looking for a way to tell users what they
are actually going to update since version 12345 probably doesn't tell
them anything useful.

> And there is *NO* check whether anything has actually changed ...

I'm aware of that. By splitting context and luatex repositories it
might indeed become easier to add the check (that should be my task).


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