[Context] texworks

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Jun 21 13:15:57 CEST 2009

Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> Hans, a few tiny details about texworks ...
> 1.) do you think that it would be possible to set something like
> %SELFAUTOLOC% instead of
>     binaryPaths=D:/context/tex/texmf-mswin/bin
> in texworks.ini?

can probably go

> 2.) This doesn't help too much
>     openDialogDir=E:/context/manuals/mk

ah .. that's because texworks save the state in the main ini file so it 
ends up there automatically

> 3.) This one might be deleted every time when I update ConTeXt:
>     recentFileList=

ok, i'll see if i can make a script for that

> 4.) removing aux files (not with purge, but with File/Remove Aux
> files) is not complete (I would expect the tuc file to disapear as
> well)

texworks is rather latex oriented in that respect; this menu entry 
should be either not there or be configureable; just ignore that feature 
as we have had purging in the runner scripts for ages

a similar case is the open file dialogue (i'd like so see some more like 
xml etc but it might as well default to 'all file types')

> 5.) I get 404 error on server, but maybe there's some other problem, I
> would need to check
> MTXrun | running at port: 31415
> MTXrun | document root: D:/Programi/context/tex/texmf-context/scripts/context/lu
> a
> MTXrun | main index file: unknown
> MTXrun | scripts subpath: D:/Programi/context/tex/texmf-context/scripts/context/
> lua
> MTXrun | context services: http://localhost:31415/mtx-server-ctx-startup.lua
> MTXrun | request from:
> MTXrun | requested action:
> MTXrun | invalid filename, forcing: unknown
> MTXrun | performing action: unknown
> MTXrun | requested file 'unknown'
> MTXrun | handling error 404: Not Found
> MTXrun | time spent with client: 8.671 seconds
> MTXrun | request from:
> MTXrun | requested action: favicon.ico
> MTXrun | performing action: favicon.ico
> MTXrun | requested file 'favicon.ico'
> MTXrun | handling error 404: Not Found
> MTXrun | time spent with client: 0.063 seconds

probably harmless messages but i need to test that on a vm

> 6.) status-of-update.lua is generated in current folder which is a bit
> weird (and probably means that global settings are not preserved). But
> again ... I may need to check what's going on.

ok, we might need some more logic

> Scite has local and global preferences separated. TeXWorks would need
> that kind of separation as well in order to be able to play with
> settings in this way.

indeed, scite is more flexible in that respect (but i don't see texworks 
as a replacement for scite, just as an alternative; i need to get okular 
working from scite but somehow it does not start up well)


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