[Context] [Dev-luatex] Luatex 0.42.0 (a snapshot release)

Yue Wang yuleopen at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 14:01:30 CEST 2009

I think just add two -arch will do the job. I am trying  to build
luatex universal binaries  now and will send the patch to you later...

On Sat, Jul 18, 2009 at 7:40 PM, Taco Hoekwater<taco at elvenkind.com> wrote:
> Yue Wang wrote:
>> Hi,
>> right.
>> btw, maybe we can try to build universal binaries (x86_64 + i386) for
>> minimals on OS X...
> I do not have time (nor knowledge) to figure that out myself, but
> patches are more than welcome, of course.
> Best wishes,
> Taco

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