[Context] One more arch (OS X, snow leopard)

Yue Wang yuleopen at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 00:38:29 CET 2009

Hi, Mojca:

> It was preinstalled. But I'm looking for a screw-driver to replace the
> hard drive, so I'll have to install it anyway.

No need to reinstall.
In 10.6 the installer is rewritten.
It's in the Optional Install package. You can just install one package.

>> Default installation didn't install Rosetta.
> I know about Rosetta, but I also thought that if we figure out how to
> "properly" cross-compile, it might be a bit easier to also compile
> 64-bit binaries on 32-bit machines etc.

Compile 64bits binaries on 32bits machine/operating system is possible.
But, it is not, however, possible to run 64bits binaries on 32bits machine.

> I didn't know that. I only had support for 10.4 on 10.5, so I was
> surprised to learn that 10.4 was still available.

10.3 support is in the 10.5's Xcode's Optional Install.
When install Xcode, check that box, and you will have 10.3 support.

> I remember that I compiled TeX binaries on Leopard and people started
> complaining that they were not able to use them on Tiger.

OK. Maybe there are some problems in linking symbols...

> Do you have any idea how to cross-compile XeTeX (with export

I don't think XeTeX can be cross-compile easily. Since it is difficult
to cross-compile ICU.
Anyway, I can try that:)

> I have already committed the luatex for i386. Feel free to commit the
> binary for ppc and 64-bit (that need a new directory structure first),
> but make sure to use
> The building script needs to be adapted anyway. (Some scripts in SVN
> have been modified already, but not all of them yet.)

I have permission to change FreeBSD binaries, do I have permission to
send Mac binaries also?

Yue Wang

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