[Context] new building scripts (important)

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 18:35:36 CET 2009


I have changed the building scripts a bit:
- they are now split in several pretty standalone steps:
  a) fetching sources
  b) fetching existing binaries from svn
  c) building
  d) committing to SVN (not implemented yet)
- there is more error checking
- if some engine doesn't build, the process may still continue
- it's possible to force rebuilding even if versions match
- it should be possible to choose which engines to build, but option
parsing is not implemented yet
- there are many differences that influence Mac OS X building, but you
should not bother about them anyway
  - buiding xetex disabled until we get support for 64-bit
  - it should be possible to build from any mac (at least in theory)
  - support for 64-bit architecture and fat binaries now from all the
three relevant architectures

I did that because there were constant problems when some of the steps
failed to work and also because I had to modify the OS X part (why
does Mac always need to be an exception? :).

You may try to do
    svn up
and report back about any problems that you might encounter. I would
be grateful for any bug reports.

This command will not commit to SVN yet, but there's VERSIONS.new that
should be moved to VERSIONS and there is VERSIONS.svn that should be
used as commit message, so the last step is almost-trivial to do
manually as well, I just need to code it :)


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