[Context] Linux PPC

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Sat Dec 12 12:30:40 CET 2009

> OK, running do_all.sh gives
> Error: your system "Linux " is not supported yet,
> but we're glad that you would like to provide the binaries for it.
> Please ask for instructions on the ConTeXt mailing-list (ntg-context at ntg.nl)
> That's why I thought this was exclusively targeted at OS X. And I see

Oh, I guess that it's "Linux <empty_string_for_architecture>". Maybe
we need to fix that message ...

> PLATFORMS="$platform"
> if [ $system = 'Darwin' ]; then
>        PLATFORMS="osx-intel osx-64 osx-ppc osx-universal"
> fi

No, this only means that if one is working on OS X, it will build
binaries for three architectures + universal ones, so the same script
runs 4 times in a loop to build them all. $platform string is still
not empty.

> so I assumed that all the other platforms would be unknown. Or am I missing a newer version of the script?

No, you are not, but I never realized that the script doesn't work on
your computer.

> uname -m: ppc64
> uname -s: Linux

OK, so Mac is not the only faulty player here :)
OS X tends to say
uname -m: i386
while being purely 64-bit system (exactly the contrary). Just curious:
does "echo $HOSTTYPE" return anything useful on your system (please
try both your shell and bash)?

> The minimals work fine, but I don't use setuptex (I use zsh and have my own script that is adapted to my system). If you want, I can try and see if/how I can make it work on linux-ppc.

I didn't know that either. That's pretty important piece of
information. We can fix that.

> As to compatibility between linux-ppc and linux-ppc64: ppc64 is kind of a misnomer. As far as I have understood, only the kernel is 64-bit; the userland is 32-bit. AFAICS, no linux distribution (with the exception of gentoo) has a real 64-bit implementation. So: my system will build 32-bit binaries which should be compatible with all  linux-ppc systems.

The only question remains: what happens if some gentoo user starts
using (or compiling) the binaries?

I would not like to make too many problems around it, I would just
like to understand, so that we might have a chance to fix it properly
(if such a chance exists), else we'll just assume that ppc and ppc64
are equal until someone starts complaining.


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